This is the development blog of PC/OS.  PC/OS is the first easy to use, multipurpose, multimedia enhanced version of Ubuntu Linux.  This distribution of Linux is focused on several users, the home user, the expert user, the multimedia developer and the software developer.  On this blog I will write about any shortcomings and my experience in putting together this distribution and will also announce any changes and any information that needs to be delivered

Who is the developer of PC/OS.  The community of users and contributers develop PC/OS.  The facilitator is me.  My name is Roberto J. Dohnert.  I am 33 years old living in Raleigh NC.  I am an IT consultant and professional.  I specialize in systems and network administration, security and repair and my specialty is in UNIX/Windows based systems.

I f you have any questions/comments/suggestions/compliments, dont hesitate to e-mail me.  Join the forums and participate


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  1. Roberto,

    I recently installed your 7.10 client (desktop) release of PC-OS. Haven’t had a chance to try out the extra features but so far looks good. Did have to edit ubiquity to disable the migration assistant in order to install – suggest that migration be made optional during install. Personal preference – I am a long time linux user and have always preferred Gnome and XFCE to KDE. Looking forward to the change to a single shelf desktop – and I prefer mine to be at the bottom of the screen ala Linux Mint XFCE 4.0.. Is thas change available as an update to the 7.10 version, or do I have to download the full 7.10.2 release?

    Also, when running update, it offers to upgrade to ubuntu 8.04 – do I want to do this? It indicates that custom repositories will be disabled during the upgrade but can be reenabled when the upgrade is complete. I don’t believe I have changed any repository settings since installation, .

    I appreciate your efforts in making PC-OS available. Anything the community can (legally) do to make Windows alternatives more attractive to users is good. While I don’t mind tinkering, I support the “it just works” installation for most users. Keep up the good work.

    Carl Powers

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