What about server…new addition to the family

PC/OS OpenServer System is by far the most popular release and some have asked “You spend so much on the desktop what about server.” While yes, a majority of my forum users are desktop users that does not mean I dont focus on the server.  The reason server has been so quiet is because of the audience and because lets face it, server systems are mostly untouched and dont get updated a lot.  I still have many server users who still use PC/OS Server System 7.10.  Nonetheless I work with a lot of my local server users and here are some changes coming down the pipe for OpenServer System.

Encryptfs will be added, this helps with users who want encrypted filesystems.  A full tutorial will be posted in the howtos’s

All updates and app updates will be added.  The mono environment will be added as well,

EBox may replace webmin.  Its being thourougly tested right now.

The official name will be PC/OS OpenServer System 2008u3 as in update 3.

Opera will be replaced with Firefox.. This is per user request.

Since very little is changing in the way of core system an update pack will be offered for this release.

Now a new addition.

PC/OS Virtual Machine.  PC/OS Virtual Machine is a distro that has only one purpose.  To be a host for virtual machines, yes I have had a request for this and several of my Server users do strip OpenServer System and install Xen, this will be easier for them to manage and to deploy.  The reason it doesnt have a release integer is because this release is not meant to be updated as much as the other releases.  Just a note, the guest systems will need to be updated.  PC/OS Virtual Machine will only be updated when a new LTS is released.  It wont have a web browser or any client apps installed by default so it will be extremely small and fast. Of course when a critical fix is needed you can get it through Synaptic.  Its based on OpenServer System.

This will be released around the end of October


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