The addons CD for PC/OS 2009, Changes in Store for OpenWorkstation

People have asked, with PC/OS OpenWorkstation going for sale how will we handle for the home user and how will we handle delivery of certain apps and still maintain the offline capabilities of PC/OS?  Well, we will be delivering an Addons CD similar to what we did with OpenServer System which has been very popular.  This will include and several apps and Firefox Extensions that we the team find useful.  We may combine the two in an archive file so that the user only has to download one file and not 2.  Once again this is in planning stage.

After comparing different distributions we have decided Thunderbird will be removed from PC/OS OpenWorkstation and replaced with Evolution, this allows interaction with Microsoft Exchange servers, the MySQL client package will be added by default so that users may begin working with MySQL databases out of box.  Mono will also be reintroduced in OpenWorkstation as will Monodevelop.  Users of RealBasic will have the option of opting for a pro license or the standard license and as in OpenDesktop Exaile and VLC will replace Audacious and Gnome-Mplayer as the default media players.

Once again these are all in the planning stages and will be ironed out in the coming months leading up to the release.


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