PC/OS 2009 new delivery changes

While I hate to do it and I wish I could keep from doing it but with the release of PC/OS 2009, OpenWorkstation, the DVD ISO will only be sold and prebundled with OEM’s. It will no longer be offered for free and for download.

1) Why am I charging for it?

As for any initiative and project the project needs support financial included. While it would be nice to keep offering it for free, the costs prohibit it and since donations arent exactly pouring in I had to do something. So I talked it over with the other devs and they agreed with this avenue.

2) How will it be offered?

It will be offered with on-disk.com and through any established OEM’s,as well as an option for preload on the Hard Drives. Digital delivery will also be offered. All proceeds will be spent on the project.

3) What editions will continue to be offered?

PC/OS OpenDesktop 2009 will be downloadable and freely distributable as will OpenServer System 2008.

4) What will people who buy OpenWorkstation get with their purchase?

If you purchase OpenWorkstation you will get 30 days e-mail support, you will get media and you will also get on-disks or the vendors support mechanism.

5) Will the price change from whats currently offered?

Yes, the price will go up to $19.99 USD per copy. for digital delivery it will be $12.99

6) Will it ever be downloadable again?

When it becomes feasible and the project becomes self sustaining it will but until that happens I will have to charge for it.

7) Will PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008v2 be downloadable still?

No, PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008v2 will be removed from the download and torrent sections upon delivery of PC/OS 2009. The price for that will not change on on-disk.

I went over everything I could trying to find an alternative and nothing hammered out so Im stuck between a rock and a hard place. For what I want to do and whats good for the project.


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