Whats new for PC/OS 2009

Well 2008v2 has been great.  New members of the community and some really great feedback and I will be addressing that in a second.  So many people have been asking, where do you go from here.  Well I started working on PC/OS 2009 as soon as 2008v2 was released.  For right now Im just fumbling through ideas.  So here is what Im thinking about.

The mistake that was Flock.  Unless version 2.0 of Flock really impresses me I may go back to Firefox 3.  While I thought my userbase would really like Flock it hasnt been that well accepted.  Some of the concern is also that Flock is based on Firefox 2 and not Firefox 3.

Exaile will replace Audacious, Audacious has proven too minimalistic and not feature rich enough and has caused some headaches for some users.

3G networking support will be added to 2009

Prism will be added to 2009

A new not so dark theme will be added to 2009.

So so far thats what we are looking at.  Stay tuned for more info.


One Response to Whats new for PC/OS 2009

  1. flacvest says:

    Regarding Flock:

    I’ve been using Flock 2 beta 2 for months and it is as stable as Firefox 2 has been for me on my systems. I personally like it very much, and consider myself a “Flockstar” having been with it since it came out. I would say continue to ship Flock and offer either Flock 2 beta 2 or greater, or Mozilla Firefox 3 stable as a ‘backup/alternative’ browser. Everybody has their preferences and Flock is more in-line with what your are trying to provide your users: a multimedia-friendly easy user experience. I find Flock to be the hub of my online life, and think it really suits your distro well.


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