PC/OS 2008v2 Available now

August 30, 2008

On Saturday, August 30, 2008 we are very proud to announce the general availability of PC/OS 2008v2.  This update brings to PC/OS all the bug releases and distribution updates for Ubuntu 8.04.1 as well as seperate application updates for some of the installed packages.  PC/OS 2008v2 can be downloaded from



All torrents have been updated and the new release is available.

Some of the highlights of the client release are:

Linux kernel 2.6.24-19
Flock Browser replaces Firefox
MPlayer and Gnome-Mplayer replace Movie Player
Audacious and GTKPod replace Rhythmbox
Screenlets 1.4 are now included.
For dialup users Gnome PPP is included for connection
We also have included Picasa for photo management
and Google Gears for offline access to Google Apps

Some of the highlights for OpenServer System are:

Kickstart configuration
Certificate manager
Common Unix shells, KSH, TCSH and CSH are now included

With the server release we also released the addons package.

The add-ons package includes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Postfix E-mail server, Sun Java JDK, Firebird SQL and the SELinux packages.

This release can also be ordered from on-disk.com.  The Server release on on-disk comes with 2 CD’s, one with the master system and the other with the add-ons package.