A few more questions answered

Where the enlightenment version?

E17 distro will be released when done, period.  Since myself and the maintainer both work day jobs we are working on it as hard as we can when time permits.  I dont deliver half ass with the  parent releases of PC/OS and wont deliver half ass with any offspring, this includes the PPC  or 64bit versions of PC/OS

64bit, does this mean v2 will have a 64bit release?

Unfortunately not, I dont have the 64bit machine to deliver a 64bit release.  When I get one PC/OS will be delivered.  Two factors determine the release of 64bit, the quality of the product and the adoption of 64bit.  I may look at just delivering a Open Server release of 64bit when I get the hardware but once again, factors play a role.

Aside from the cosmetic features of PC/OS v2 will there be any further changes?

No, the be window manager theme is still the default, the default wallpaper has changed and some have been added, but thats it.

I heard you added Google Apps to the browser, does this mean you are copying gOS?

Absolutely not, Google Apps reside as a link in favorites in Flock due to USER demand, nothing more, nothing less.  My users demanded it and it will be delivered.  PC/OS is not going to deliver total web based alternatives, traditional software offerings will still be included and it wont be green.

why do we have two or three alternatives in PC/OS, why not just best of breed?

The software packages have been revamped, for example Totem has been replaced with VLC, Rhythmbox has been replaced with Audacious and GtkPod, among others.  I was including several tools but narrowed things down alot.

Has delivery changed?

Nope, still on track for a 11 day release.  Server a couple of days after.


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