gOS and PC/OS

One of my users pointed me towards the Linux.com page where David Lui from gOS was interviewed. Well that user asked me a question, why should I use PC/OS over gOS? Well first lets go over the differences. gOS is a much different distribution, it uses the tradition Ubuntu interface GNOME and its focus is on the web and “web 2.0” which is great and its great for the consumers. gOS focuses on dealing with hardware OEM’s vs the consumer and they have no server offerings. PC/OS is targeted at developers, new users, multimedia and content creators and we even have a focus on small businesses with our server offerings. While we dont have OEM deals we are not out of touch with dealing with hardware manufacturers. PC/OS and gOS both have the focus on consumer platform, we both include applications that are both Open Source and closed source. While gOS is fine and you can build upon it, like you can Ubuntu. OpenWorkstation has its focus and OpenDesktop has its focus on the USERS my idea is that users can put in even the LiveCD or DVD and be able to get the functionality that they have come to expect from modern day computing platforms. We come closer to that goal every release.

So far from my beta and early testers, I have gotten huge thumbs up. So I would say we are doing well and hopefully PC/OS 2008v2 will be well received.


2 Responses to gOS and PC/OS

  1. L Earp says:

    I think both of you guys do a great job with your distributions. Personally though, I like PC/OS more. Its a very simple system and very user friendly and set up very well. gOS tends to be slower and they use GNOME which is a poor decision as GNOME is very resource intensive. gOS is better for on the go computing as it contains more web based alternatives and so you can store data online or remotely so that I can use my PC/OS workstation to grab it. What do you plan to place in your version 2 to make backup simpler?

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you for not using Gnome! PC/OS has the potential to be as popular as Linux Mint, which is currently ranked 4th according to DistroWatch. Sounds like you’re building the best combination of Xubuntu, PCLinuxOS, and Linux Mint. Keep it up!

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