PC/OS 2008v2 new info

Ok, now that I feature freezed v2 I decided to release more info in regards to v2.  First of all the GUI got a pretty cool overhaul.  A new menu icon as well as a new theme, a slightly altered layout of the shelves to make space for the screenlets application.  A new GDM are all placed in here.  Thats all for cosmetic.

Most of the other apps have been updated to newer versions, a backup utility is included with the workstation now. due to popular request.  OpenWorkstation 2008: Lite now becomes OpenDesktop 2008, this is for consumers as the OpenWorkstation is more targeted towards the developer, multimedia content creator and the creative types.  This helps for people who just want a barebones desktop without all the developer and creative tools that accompany the DVD iso.  In the OpenDesktop 2008, Picasa and a couple of other requested apps have been added.

The Kernelcheck has been added, this fun little utility allows you to automatically build, and deploy easily custom kernel configurations.  Its included in Server and OpenWorkstation, but be aware your support is negated and void should you use this utility, why?  I cant possibly support a hundred some different configurations that that tool can build, after all we are only a 3 member team.  This tools is for the edge user or organizations that have their own support system in play.

Sunbird has disappeared and has been replaced with lightning, this was done per user request and a few other tools have been added to Thunderbird, thunderbrowse, addressbook sychronizer and Sameplace instant messaging have been added to Thunderbird.  This is not to say Thunderbird is a Outlook replacement, still many features missing if you want an Outlook replacement look at Installing Evolution, but for small businesses and consumers who just want mail, IM, calendar this may hit the spot, may not let me know.

The Mobile applications menu has disappeared and the tools have been placed in the browser itself under favorites.

A complete list of installed applications will accompany the downloads this time so people wont have to fish.  This has been another touch thats been brought to my attention.

I want to thank all my contributors, both positive and negative, as well as all reviewers and news sites that ran with PC/OS, I also want to send a special thank you to Jan Stedehouder from Open Source learning, without his negative review of PC/OS I would not have had the several more users sign up on the forums, and I wouldnt have found my 2 new team members, so thank you Jan.


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