PC/OS Insiders

I decided top start a PC/OS Insiders program.  Being a PC/OS Insider you get a couple of benefits.

You get Free media with all releases, PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008, PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008:Lite, PC/OS OpenServer System 2008, PC/OS Appliance

You get to submit code and artwork for inclusion into PC/OS and feature requests from Insiders will have priority

You get all developmental releases and you will be a part of testing cycle.

From the PC/OS store you get a free T-shirt or Polo Shirt, your choice.

So thats the whole skinny on the the insiders program.  it will be $60.00 dollars a year, initial pricing.  The program will launch about the same time v2 launches.  So if interested leave an e-mail or discuss it in the forums.


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