PC/OS 2008v2 Available now

August 30, 2008

On Saturday, August 30, 2008 we are very proud to announce the general availability of PC/OS 2008v2.  This update brings to PC/OS all the bug releases and distribution updates for Ubuntu 8.04.1 as well as seperate application updates for some of the installed packages.  PC/OS 2008v2 can be downloaded from



All torrents have been updated and the new release is available.

Some of the highlights of the client release are:

Linux kernel 2.6.24-19
Flock Browser replaces Firefox
MPlayer and Gnome-Mplayer replace Movie Player
Audacious and GTKPod replace Rhythmbox
Screenlets 1.4 are now included.
For dialup users Gnome PPP is included for connection
We also have included Picasa for photo management
and Google Gears for offline access to Google Apps

Some of the highlights for OpenServer System are:

Kickstart configuration
Certificate manager
Common Unix shells, KSH, TCSH and CSH are now included

With the server release we also released the addons package.

The add-ons package includes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Postfix E-mail server, Sun Java JDK, Firebird SQL and the SELinux packages.

This release can also be ordered from on-disk.com.  The Server release on on-disk comes with 2 CD’s, one with the master system and the other with the add-ons package.


A few more questions answered

August 19, 2008

Where the enlightenment version?

E17 distro will be released when done, period.  Since myself and the maintainer both work day jobs we are working on it as hard as we can when time permits.  I dont deliver half ass with the  parent releases of PC/OS and wont deliver half ass with any offspring, this includes the PPC  or 64bit versions of PC/OS

64bit, does this mean v2 will have a 64bit release?

Unfortunately not, I dont have the 64bit machine to deliver a 64bit release.  When I get one PC/OS will be delivered.  Two factors determine the release of 64bit, the quality of the product and the adoption of 64bit.  I may look at just delivering a Open Server release of 64bit when I get the hardware but once again, factors play a role.

Aside from the cosmetic features of PC/OS v2 will there be any further changes?

No, the be window manager theme is still the default, the default wallpaper has changed and some have been added, but thats it.

I heard you added Google Apps to the browser, does this mean you are copying gOS?

Absolutely not, Google Apps reside as a link in favorites in Flock due to USER demand, nothing more, nothing less.  My users demanded it and it will be delivered.  PC/OS is not going to deliver total web based alternatives, traditional software offerings will still be included and it wont be green.

why do we have two or three alternatives in PC/OS, why not just best of breed?

The software packages have been revamped, for example Totem has been replaced with VLC, Rhythmbox has been replaced with Audacious and GtkPod, among others.  I was including several tools but narrowed things down alot.

Has delivery changed?

Nope, still on track for a 11 day release.  Server a couple of days after.

gOS and PC/OS

August 15, 2008

One of my users pointed me towards the Linux.com page where David Lui from gOS was interviewed. Well that user asked me a question, why should I use PC/OS over gOS? Well first lets go over the differences. gOS is a much different distribution, it uses the tradition Ubuntu interface GNOME and its focus is on the web and “web 2.0” which is great and its great for the consumers. gOS focuses on dealing with hardware OEM’s vs the consumer and they have no server offerings. PC/OS is targeted at developers, new users, multimedia and content creators and we even have a focus on small businesses with our server offerings. While we dont have OEM deals we are not out of touch with dealing with hardware manufacturers. PC/OS and gOS both have the focus on consumer platform, we both include applications that are both Open Source and closed source. While gOS is fine and you can build upon it, like you can Ubuntu. OpenWorkstation has its focus and OpenDesktop has its focus on the USERS my idea is that users can put in even the LiveCD or DVD and be able to get the functionality that they have come to expect from modern day computing platforms. We come closer to that goal every release.

So far from my beta and early testers, I have gotten huge thumbs up. So I would say we are doing well and hopefully PC/OS 2008v2 will be well received.

PC/OS 2008v2 new info

August 13, 2008

Ok, now that I feature freezed v2 I decided to release more info in regards to v2.  First of all the GUI got a pretty cool overhaul.  A new menu icon as well as a new theme, a slightly altered layout of the shelves to make space for the screenlets application.  A new GDM are all placed in here.  Thats all for cosmetic.

Most of the other apps have been updated to newer versions, a backup utility is included with the workstation now. due to popular request.  OpenWorkstation 2008: Lite now becomes OpenDesktop 2008, this is for consumers as the OpenWorkstation is more targeted towards the developer, multimedia content creator and the creative types.  This helps for people who just want a barebones desktop without all the developer and creative tools that accompany the DVD iso.  In the OpenDesktop 2008, Picasa and a couple of other requested apps have been added.

The Kernelcheck has been added, this fun little utility allows you to automatically build, and deploy easily custom kernel configurations.  Its included in Server and OpenWorkstation, but be aware your support is negated and void should you use this utility, why?  I cant possibly support a hundred some different configurations that that tool can build, after all we are only a 3 member team.  This tools is for the edge user or organizations that have their own support system in play.

Sunbird has disappeared and has been replaced with lightning, this was done per user request and a few other tools have been added to Thunderbird, thunderbrowse, addressbook sychronizer and Sameplace instant messaging have been added to Thunderbird.  This is not to say Thunderbird is a Outlook replacement, still many features missing if you want an Outlook replacement look at Installing Evolution, but for small businesses and consumers who just want mail, IM, calendar this may hit the spot, may not let me know.

The Mobile applications menu has disappeared and the tools have been placed in the browser itself under favorites.

A complete list of installed applications will accompany the downloads this time so people wont have to fish.  This has been another touch thats been brought to my attention.

I want to thank all my contributors, both positive and negative, as well as all reviewers and news sites that ran with PC/OS, I also want to send a special thank you to Jan Stedehouder from Open Source learning, without his negative review of PC/OS I would not have had the several more users sign up on the forums, and I wouldnt have found my 2 new team members, so thank you Jan.

PC/OS Insiders

August 2, 2008

I decided top start a PC/OS Insiders program.  Being a PC/OS Insider you get a couple of benefits.

You get Free media with all releases, PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008, PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008:Lite, PC/OS OpenServer System 2008, PC/OS Appliance

You get to submit code and artwork for inclusion into PC/OS and feature requests from Insiders will have priority

You get all developmental releases and you will be a part of testing cycle.

From the PC/OS store you get a free T-shirt or Polo Shirt, your choice.

So thats the whole skinny on the the insiders program.  it will be $60.00 dollars a year, initial pricing.  The program will launch about the same time v2 launches.  So if interested leave an e-mail or discuss it in the forums.

Blaming Microsoft

August 2, 2008

Taking a break from v2, I looked at the Microsoft Mojave experiment. I hadnt seen the the thing yet, I was interested because when reading Channel9 I came across Joe Wilcox’s article on Microsoft Watch. So lets go ahead and comment on that first. I think his article is not one of his best pieces. Mojave is an attempt by Microsoft to curb the negative publicity that Apple and others have been spreading about Vista. Does Vista have its problems?  Of course, but I agree with MS when they say perception is number 1. All too many times I come across a XP user who thinks Vista sucks, and 9 out of 10 times the answer starts with “I was told” and the other 1 percent is “well I read.” The few people I have run into that hate Vista and have had problems with it stem from either hardware support, 3rd party drivers or the software delivery, they performed an upgrade rather than a full install. I think Microsoft made a big mistake creating an upgrade version. Vista is too different and no matter how you slice it during upgrades some remnants of the old system are present and those remnant cause problems. Did Apple provide an upgrade disk from Mac OS 9 to OS X? No, anybody who has ever upgraded one major release of Ubuntu to the other have always had problems. To coin a popular internet troll from Channel 9, for best results perform a full install. Of course problems aside you will always have those that just hate Vista and Microsoft can only just take in the feedback, like I do with PC/OS and keep moving. Microsoft has fixed a bunch of problems with SP1 and I know this from a friend of mine who had Vista on a 5 or 6 year old PC. The RTM was slow and got faster when I installed SP1. Vista will always have its problems, its software you break it, they fix it and thats the natural order of things. this happens whether you run Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. Developers are smart but they cant see into the future and say Robert X will have a problem with Feature X lets fix it. As Devs we do the best we can and thats all we can do, we’re human. As for his argument that the Mojave experiment puts down people and embarrasses them, I disagree. Its no more embarrassing than Apple basically telling PC users that they are stupid for using a PC instead of a Mac which their ads often do. Apples just creative with the way they do it. Was the Coke vs Pepsi experiment embarrassing to soda drinkers years ago? What about Fords experiment where they swap your ride for a month, do you think thats embarassing to automobile drivers? And what about the Hardees, 5 star restaurant but we will feed you a Hardees Thickburger to see if you can tell the difference, is that embarrassing to hamburger eaters? I dont think so. but Mojave is a bad experiment, Why? because it comes from Microsoft.  I will ssay this, I hope Wilcox enjoys the free iPhone and Macbook Air that Apple gave him to print his retraction, because his whole Mojave sucks article stinks of “I got paid”

The next article is Bruce Perens argument regarding Microsofts recent investment in Apache. To break it down Bruce feels that Microsoft will hijack Apache, steal Apache code , incorporate it into IIS and kill of Linux. First off, I know this blog entry is reading like Im Microsofts best friend. I’m not, trust me, I have more people at Microsoft who hate my guts more than any that like me. Read Channel 9, those guys think Im just a drunken, insane, gun weilding, womanizing reproduction beast with no soul. To which I plead no contest to some but not all of those charges. But anywho, I digress, I think of myself more as a realist than an enthusiast.

I personally think that Bruce is wrong. Microsoft could have taken Apaches code, its permissible under their license, and incorporate it into IIS without a $100,000 dollar investment. Microsoft could hire Apache developers away and not make a $100,000.00 investment. Bruces entire article stinks of tin foil conspiracy theories. Microsoft, I think really does want Linux and Open Source to survive. It leads to a competitive market and most companies do better when they have competition just like I dont want Linux and open source to kill off Microsoft.  What would the point be if Linux killed Microsoft, once again we are stuck with just one.  If Microsoft didnt have Linux it would be the US vs Microsoft part Deux. Linux right now is “good enough” to replace Windows on most desktops, but what could be done to make the Linux experience much better. The open source and Linux communities need to be looking at not what Microsoft does or what Microsoft is doing wrong, but rather what the Linux and Open Source communities could be doing right. Not to mention there is one entity that Bruce and the rest of the open source community is forgetting, someone who is more of an asshole than Bill Gates and who is just as, if not more ruthless, thats Steve Jobs and Apple computer.