More info on PC/OS 2008

Cris has submitted a new icon theme for use with PC/OS 2008v2 which has been accepted and will be used with the distro. They are based on the oxygen refit theme for gnome and look awesome with the distro. The official theme name is Oxygen-Refit 2 – Orange Version by

Some further improvements include.

The replacement of Firefox with Flock. The decision to do this was two fold. I wanted something a little lighter and for all of Flocks social extensions which are great. I tried a few months ago and the browser was very crash prone, with the newest version it has improved a lot and offers a great experience for users. So PC/OS will become the only Linux distributor to distribute Flock as the primary browser on the consumer oriented releases. All updates will also be distributed with PC/OS 2008 and the backports module will also be installed by default, making it optional was a pain point for users. Audacious will replace Rhythmbox, and the BeAMP skin will be the default muahahahaha, and GTKPod will be included so that users can still interact with their iPods. Other players act as removable media so this is not an issue.

Server has been a little more refined with just one major addition, the MuSE audio streamer. This was created by Dyne:bolic and can stream MP3 and a wide variety of formats. A few more server centric tools have been added. Xen was kept out this round, this was to satisfy users who didnt really want it, it also keeps the size down and becomes an optional. I found out a lot of my server users use PC/OS as a guest in either VMWare and Virtual Server so in a way, Im happy being a guest.


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