v2 series and availability. New team member

Well after my recent internet war its back to work.  Tonight I just finished wrapping up the v2 series of workstation and workstation lite.  Im also finishing up on Open Server System.  These will be extensively tested before public release and I look forward to the feedback from these interim releases.  There are massive updates to the included applications and for multimedia creation, a much bigger focuss and a wider variety.

No new cosmetic features have been added and I welcome Cristobal Molina to the development team.  Cris comes from a Be and Mac background and has been gracious enough to offer his assistance and is now the lead in Cosmetics Division.  Icon themes, window manager themes, wallpapers and anything having to do with the look.  I will continue to lead the course in technical and build and Cris will help in those areas but his main focus will be in the look.

PC/OS is now a 2 man team.  Rome wasnt built in a day.


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