A few more questions answered

Due to some major press we are getting from DesktopLinux.com there are a few questions that need to be answered.  So here are the answers:

” This is a blatant ripoff of ZevenOS (all allowed due to the gpl ofcourse). Even uses their theme for the window decorations. And ZevenOS used to use Xfce too but nowdays the IceWM, have a BeOS deskbar and many other interesting features from the BeOS. look it up zevenos.com (used to be ZeBuntu) ”

Actually this is more who came first, the chicken or the egg.  My original concepts contained the original layout that was in use before Zebuntu used the layout, same may say they ripped me off.  But no matter.  They abandoned it, they didnt like it they didnt use it, I did and I did because of my users demanded it.  ZevenOS, is meant to be a ground up BeOS version of Linux mine isnt, sorry.  I dont claim to be the BeOS, dont want to be the BeOS those are some rather large shoes to fill.  ZevenOS is trying to be the BeOS so go knocking on their door and explain how useless and cluesless their efforts are.

” Finally, most one-man projects such as this one are bound to fail”

PC/OS is not a mass market infiltration, PC/OS will survive simply because Im just sharing what I find useful.  Isnt that what Linux and Open Source is about? sharing ideas? I have made very little money from PC/OS  and let me clear something else up, I have no delusions that I will become the next great OS vendor.  I have a niche audience, and I am happy serving their needs.  i offer the hard drives simply for convenience.  I do plan to offer preinstalled systems at some point.

” Unfortunately, you still can’t really replicate the BeOS Deskbar, so I stick with a simple Win95 layout. The PC/OS Deskbar is a pretty poor attempt.”

The “Deskbar” used by PC/OS is not THE DESKBAR, never meant to be.  Its totally different and made to stand on its own.  Once again, this is NOT a reimplementation of BeOS

” Speaking of GPL, both these distros seem to be playing fast and loose with the requirement to provide source code. Merely pointing to Canonical’s repos does not cut it.”

MEPIS was in violation because he made changes to kernel code and didnt contribute back to the Ubuntu source repository.   I make little if any change to the kernel because I want it in 100% compatibility that way if I develop a brain tumor and die, or if I get into a blazing car crash and die the users of PC/OS can and will be able to get important security and application updates from a reliable source.  Artwork, usplash and icon sets are not required to be in compliance.  I know this because I checked before I even went public with PC/OS.

” This is rather annoying, the name Tracker was taken by another project for extracting meta data and was then renamed Meta Tracker. The BeOS Tracker has nothing to do with this even though the first bullet implies that BeOS Tracker is used as the desktop causing some confusion, it uses XFCE instead.”

I have never made any claims that the PC/OS tracker is the BeOS tracker.  If you have read the blog and kept up with events instead of firing off with uninformed opinion, the tracker in this case is a way to “track” your removable media and useful directories.  Nothing more, nothing less.

” It’s “BeOS”. Sorry, that just gets on my nerves almost as much as /MAC/…”

Are these people ignorant or just dont know how to read, an excerpt from the article:

PC/OS is not a “reimplementation” of BeOS, says the group, but offers a similar layout and a shared focus on multimedia, simplicity, and ease of use. Launched in 1991 by ex-Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée and others, Be, Inc. developed a cube-like BeBox computer that ran the BeOS multimedia-oriented operating system.”

Hopefully, this helps clear up any confusion.  if not by all means send me a private e-mail.  I have no intentions of entering an internet flamewar.


2 Responses to A few more questions answered

  1. Shawn says:

    Congrats Roberto on a very fine distribution. I am happy to be part of your niche and dont pay attention to haters. I would love to see all if any contributions the trolls have made to open source and Linux in general. You have created a “simplified computing” experience for me and my family, we appreciate and thank you so much for your efforts.

  2. Leszek says:

    Hi Roberto,

    Nice Distribution. Btw. I don’t mind the flamers that claim it is a rip off of ZevenOS. It is not.
    ZevenOS is IceWM based for now (we’ll switch to sawfish + xfce with beta 6) and you have a fully Xfce based distro. Your ZETAish Design looks nice, reminds me of my Zebuntu times but its different. Sadly Xfce doesn’t support the button alignment on right and left side of the titelbartab.
    “Sharing sharing what I find useful. Isnt that what Linux and Open Source is about? sharing ideas?”
    You are totally right. Thats also my point of view and my actual goal when I started with Zebuntu/ZevenOS.

    So keep up with your work and have fun 😉

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