Progress Report

First, the PowerPC port.  I have the initial base system working and right now its still on the building list.  Im gathering feedback from the PowerPC server requesters on what they want and what they need.  Since this is being built from scratch it will take awhile.  Im looking at a Beta release probably later in the fall with a final release early next year.

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008: E17.  Unfortunately the work on this has almost halted.  I havent heard from the maintainer on whether he wants to continue or what he wants to do.  Im still under the idea I dont want to maintain 2 seperate builds.  If you want to give a E17 Ubuntu a try get OpenGEOS

Open Server System 2008 v2 is still in the works.  The Xen hypervisor is still on the add list.  If it takes the build over 700mb I may make Open Server System 2008 v2 a DVD release as well.  No complaints on Open Server System being a LiveCD and the users found my instructions flawless which is a good sign since Im still working on a Text installer.

The CD and DVD ISO’s were rereleased due to some missing packages and a brand new collection of bug fixes.  The only packages added to the LiveCD were Xsane and Envy, the DVD ISO has Xsane added.  If you dont want to hose your install, just install those apps through Synaptic.

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009, Experimental has been changed since I will probably call MR2, 2009 depending on release.  The PC/OS Experimental 2009 DVD will be referred to as a codename.  The codename is Project: Merlin, without any PC/OS Branding.  It will be based on Ubuntu 8.10 and will feature a different themed desktop to differentiate it from the PC/OS stable version.  Since the LTS releases will be the stable releases of PC/OS, I had to change Merlin’s branding.  I was going to call it Midori but the name was taken.  Merlin will just showcase the new technologies and if anything seems fitting it will probably be backported.  Project: Merlin will be unsupported and wont be recommended for productivity use, its basically a use if you want release.


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