PC/OS For the Java Developer

We have great support for Mono, Ruby on Rails, and traditional programming languages such as C and C++.  So what about Java.  A lot of developers use Java and a lot of developers use Java on PC/OS.

Installing the JDK on PC/OS

Open Synaptic, click on reload, click on search and type sun-java6-jdk.  Click to install.  Wait for it….wait for it… wait for it…… now its installed.  OK now for you command line commando’s you have everything you need, but for the Java developers who need some kind of graphical IDE, who dont like writing java code in a text editor, I just have to say, when I was a boy I had to walk 3 miles, in knee high snow, uphill to write one stinking line of Java (Just kidding) we have Netbeans, Eclipse or Sun Studio for SDN members.

Still in Synaptic click search and type in Eclipse and choose the packages you want.  Usually clicking on Eclipse will give you the packages you need.  To install Netbeans either visit the netbeans site, download the latest versions or click search in Synaptic, type in netbeans and click to install the packages.  It will download, install and there you have it a full Java JDK and a graphical IDE.


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