PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008 MR1 Released

After a turbulent week of bug hunting and frustrations, MR1 has been released.  If you downloaded the DVD ISO since Saturday, you have MR1.  Tonight the CD ISO was released.  This includes all updates present in Ubuntu 8.04.1 and even more.  The CD ISO was completely rebuilt from scratch.  We are still on schedule for Server Maintenance Pack 1 to be released and the Open Server System MR1 ISO release.  Some of the changes to the CD ISO is that the background is blue vs the Green from the LiveDVD.  Either way, you got it.  If you want to download the new ISO’s, feel free.  If you dont want to hose your install, Maintenance Pack 1 is also available.  The ISO names havent changed since it makes updating the Torrents and everything easier.  The MD5’s have been matched and everything looks just great.


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