PC/OS 2008 MR1

Okay, in order to keep up with the latest maintenance release from the Ubuntu guys Im releasing MR1, Maintenance Release 1 updated ISO’s. Im also going to release Maintenance Pack 1 for users who dont want to hose their current installs. Both will be released next week and in MR1, some of the Feature Pak tools will be included. Im also including the Icons and Wasp theme that community member Leuge showcased. They wont be the default, but they will be there for users.

Updating PC/OS 2008 with Maintenance Pak 1 brings about the same updates and features of PC/OS 2008 MR1 and current users will NOT have to install the new ISO.

I know the MR1 release is out of release cycle. But since it fixes a bunch of the bugs from the Hardy series I feel its necessary

UPDATE: (July 6, 2008 ) While necessary, Remastersys the tool used for remastering the release will not build the ISO properly.  While this is being worked on to resolve the issue, Maintenance Pack 1 will go on as planned.


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