Why I do PC/OS

I have had a few negative e-mails regarding PC/OS and while I realize negativity is the way of some people I decided to answer a few of these e-mails and get ssome of it straight since it happens quite a few people have absolutely the WRONG idea of PC/OS and my goals with it.

” Your one man off-shoot of Ubuntu will not conquer the world”

Never set out to conquer the world.  PC/OS was created to satisfy the needs of one company at the time it was created, then to satisfy my needs.  I was never even going to go public with the distribution but after so many people started using it, I was encouraged to release it publicly, which I did and apparently, others found it useful as well.

” Mandriva, Linux Mint and a dozen other distributions are doing the same thing you are”

I beg to differ.  All the dozen other distributions have managed to do is add a crap load of complexity to the system.  I look at the computer as a tool with which to get my work done.  For games I have consoles.  Can users add the complexities of the other systems ie Compiz, 3D games and what such, of course they can.  PC/OS is designed to play videos, music and create content on a very simplified interface and platform.  Thats why my 2 word misssion statement is “simplified computing”

“You were a SCO supporter and you will never be forgiven”

Google Roberto J. Dohnert and SCO and you will see I helped Groklaw a lot at the beginning.  So why did I step back.  It was all the rhetoric and blathering about that I finally disagreed with.  The final straw, was when groklaw posted an article on one of Darl McBrides open letter where they claimed he said the fathers of the US wrote the constitution and denounced open source.  Well after reading the open letter and not seeing that spot in there I contacted PJ, she said Robin Roblimo said it was in there originally but that she would revise the article to reflect that.  She never did.  Did I ever own SCO stock?  Of course and I sold it when it hit $21.00 a share after the lawsuit was filed.  I still have friends that work for SCO and that still do that survived the massive layoffs and are helping to rebuild whats left, I dont hold it against them.  I was allowed to look at the disputed code without signing an NDA on a handshake agreement after I wrote an article for groklaw and osnews, probably only a handful of people were allowed to do that.  When asked what did I think?  I gave them an honest answer, I dont know and still dont without all of the knowledge of the copyright, the trail the code followed and the intent of the original programmer and yes I have followed that handshake agreement and havent said a damn thing about it.  The way I saw it it hinged on who owned the UNIX copyright collectively and for right now until SCO ever appeals it belongs to Novell.  I wasnt willing to write SCO off as a definitive loser because in this landscape of law where OJ walks free, a fat man sues McDonalds and wins and Starbucks baristas win a tip lawsuit, anything can happen in a court of law.  So if you want to hold that against me, go right ahead.  Did I ever offer to fork nmap and continue development to SCO Unixware?  Yes I did and I did that for the users.  I followed the same principles when someone wanted to put stops in GPL software to disallow developement for Windows.  I would have forked projects for that as well.  Why?  Because why should the users suffer?  Open Source is not a pick and choose and only allow people who go to your same church.  Freedom means not being excluded, not being left out.  Open Source is for everyone to use and improve upon regardless of platform.  Its about doing right by your fellow man.  If SCO UnixWare and Windows were excludded its like telling their users, ” You arent good enough to use our software” hence you are leaving them out.  If you want to hold that against me, fine.  And yes UnixWare still sucks and OpenServer 6 is actually a much better system.  I actually took out my last OpenServer 6 install a month ago and installed PC/OS Open Server System 2008.

“BeOS is dead and I dont see why you are trying to resurrect the dead”

PC/OS is not meant to be a ground up reimplementation of BeOS.  I use the BeOS as symbolism.  BeOS was a very simple system that was just enough to hit the right spot.  I did the same with PC/OS, I hope.  I have the BeOS theme and look because basically I loved it as did one of my users when he recommended it and I made a theme for him.  PC/OS builds upon Linux concepts but that doesnt stop me from toying with BFS and BeServed and trying to port them.  If you want something that extends upon the BeOS use ZeVenOS or Haiku.

“There was only one BeOS and your crap isnt it”

See above.

“Why dont you contribute to one of the many other distributions instead of being just another Ubuntu”

Why dont you?  Just because you contribute to another distribution doesnt mean they will use your ideas so you are basically getting nowhere.

” The open source community doesnt need another distribution”

Well Im glad Im not targetting the open source community.  My target is the home use, content creator and average consumer.  I target the consumers as most Open Source enthusiasts would probably rule my distribution illegal or immoral.

” Quit wasting your time with this PC/OS”

Its my time to waste.


2 Responses to Why I do PC/OS

  1. Lithium17 says:

    Hahaha…. good stuff.

    Here’s something encouraging….

    A local orphanage near my housing area recently bought 4 second-hand PCs (their budget is very tight). These were at least 4 years old (P4).

    I installed PC/OS 2008 on all of them and no problems so far.

    Some members of the community have agreed to donate their computers if/when they upgrade…. and if they’re older/slower systems, I’ll definitely use your version instead of Ubuntu or Mint.

    Thanx for the hard work…. God Bless.

  2. Mike says:

    Very nice rebuttal to some stupid complaints. I’ve never understood the obsession with needing every distro to be the same or share the same philosophy. If you’re somebody that needs your O/S and its application to be 100% open source, there is plenty out there for you. Some people would rather have the menial tasks taken care of for them so they can simply get to work once the O/S is installed.

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