Roadmap of PC/OS 2008 series

Some people have asked what my plans are going forward so I decided to put together a roadmap for PC/OS so my users and anyone interested will know what to expect.

PC/OS FeaturePak 1 will be released on July 3rd.  FeaturePaks contain applications not included with PC/OS due to size and importance.  So far in the lineup, TrueCrypt, Pencil, Cheese, HotWire, QTTube.  I plan to add more and user feedback is eencouraged

PC/OS Maintenance Pack 1 will be released July 7th more or less.  Maintenance Pack 1 will contain all fixes and updates to the PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008 and 2008 Lite.  Appliance and Server will have seperate maintenance packs due to their dedicated nature.  Maintenance Pack 1 will also contain fixes for the cluster that happened with the release

PC/OS Open Server System 2008 Maintenance Pack 1 will be released on July 23rd.  This will contain all fixes for Server including Apache and other server applications.  If the EeePC drivers are finished at this time Maintenance Pack 1 for Appliance will also be released.

September 30 – October 5th PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008: E17 will be released.  This release will not be a replacement for XFCE.  It will be maintained by a different person and not myself after we have something usable I will release a Beta version LIVE CD ONLY and until its at the quality to where it can share the PC/OS name it will have a codename, TBA

October 14th PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008: Appliance R1 will be released.  This will contain all the updates and an important new feature, the Sugar interface.  Users have requested the interface and I have been testing it for awhile now.  This release will still contain the XFCE desktop and users will have the oppurtunity at GDM to use whichever one they want.

In November, dont know when yet, PC/OS DesktopWorkstation 2008 will be released.  This release is the first totally commercial release of PC/OS.  It will retail for $49.00 from and will contain RealBASIC Professional, CrossOver Office and LinDVD from Corel.  This version had to be commercial Im afraid because I have to be able to pay the licensing fees for the software included and will hopefully help the project be able to afford to pay the bills.

December 11th, PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008 R1 will be released as will Open Server System 2008 R1.  PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009 will also be released at this time as well.  which will be based on Ubuntu 8.10.

This roadmap is not set in stone.  There are many variables such as coding problems, financial feasibility and acceptance of the distribution.  Hopefully everything will fall into place and PC/OS will continue to grow, I of course will work to continue to bring simplified computing to the Linux space.


2 Responses to Roadmap of PC/OS 2008 series

  1. zipidachimp says:

    as much as I can appreciate the work involved, what is the point of another distro that is less useful than say linux mint, mandriva, a dozen others etc.? I’m writing this from the live cd of pc/os and have to hunt for a way to change my screen resolution, rather than right click.
    what am I missing? what advantage do I not see?
    to your credit, the falcon cam from harrisburg pa. opened right up, which linux mint won’t do. maybe that’s the point!

  2. pcos08 says:

    How is it less useful? Find me a distrobution that ships with a development environment out of the box. Sorry it doesnt exist. Find me a distribution where the user actually counts? You dont have one. Sure you have other distributions but they all suck as they lack consistency. Thats why with PC/OS we only have one desktop environment, one office suite, one browser, one e-mail client. Im not trying to pull in the entire Linux community, just the ones that actually care about their experience. if you dont care about your user experience, run off to you ‘dozens of others’ and have a go. But until the Linux community starts getting the message of consistency and usability Linux will always be on the back burner. Thats how come this distro is called PC/OS, it doesnt have Linux or Ubuntu anywhere in the title.

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