PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008 ISO and MD5 problems

I have had some reports that the ISO or md5 files are providing errors.  First, with the ISO stopping at 76 and 35 percent declaring I/O problems.  This is caused by hardware errors, a bad burn or faulty media.  Burn the media at a low speed, 2x or 4x preferrable, I know it takes a while but it produces less problems and the more chances of success, this is the constant with most operating system based ISO’s.  I have downloaded the ISO’s to several different machines and have produced successful burns.  I just finished an install of PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008 on some 20 some machines with no errors except 1 machine and it was done with the ISO downloaded from the site.  The site is getting hit hard right now, in the 24 hr period I have logged a few thousand downloads.

Another problem may be the ISO file, make sure you check the size and make sure it matches the site.  I am also encouraging the use of the torrents.  The completed torrent files dont seem to be giving people installation errors.  I will keep investigating the issue with the ISO files and the MD5 files and will be posting updates here on my findings.  the MD5 issue is weird, as is the ISO problem since some people are experiencing problems and others are not.  Distromania is updating their database soon so that will help relieve some of the problems with Ibiblio.org.

We will find the problem that is plaguing some users and will resolve .  This includes a total remaster and refresh of the ISO if necessary.

I do apologize personally for these issues and do promise a solution sooner than later.


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