PC/OS Appliance

Many have inquired about PC/OS Appliance and what its used for and why its not freely downloadable.  PC/OS Appliance is a flavor of PC/OS that can be used for the EeePC, can be used for a kiosk device or used to create a simple Internet Appliance.  PC/OS Appliance is set up so you can surf the web, edit documents but not spreadsheets or presentations, listen to music and watch videos.  For EeePC users all the hardware is supported out of the box and has support for that machines wireless card, APCI modules and OSD as well as the webcam and soundcard.support.  So what applications are used in appliance and whats been stripped.

Audio and video

PC/OS Appliance is not set up to edit audio or video but you can watch movies and listen to music. All multimedia codecs and flash support is available out of box. Rhythmbox and VLC are not available, for audio tools we use the Decibal player for music and for interfacing with your ipod GTKPod is included. For movie viewing Movie Player (Totem) is still the default and is the one that has given me the most success.

Web Browsing

Firefox and Thunderbird are not included, instead I use the opera web browser for web viewing and for e-mail. Opera is light on the resources and is excellent for Kiosk mode. Pidgin is still the default IM client for PC/OS Appliance.

Document editing, reading.

For document support AbiWord is included and Evince is still the default document viewer. Spreadsheet and presentation support is not included. OpenOffice is not included but if you wish to have it its downloadable.

Hardware support

A lot of hardware is supported out of box already but device specific drivers for the EeePC are included out of box. The Classmate and XO laptop are not supported but if you are successful in getting it to install on those machines do let me know.


Its available via CD-ROM or Installable USB key. The CD-ROM is $9.99 USD plus shipping and via a 1 gb USB key for $30.00 USD plus shipping, please contact me for purchasing.

If you are looking for a light distribution for a small formfactor PC or for a specific use, PC/OS Appliance is quite flexible. View the screenshots and as always Im open for feedback.


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