Differentiation from Ubuntu… PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008

Several users have asked that the name reflect something that doesnt have anything to do with Ubuntu, to differentiate ourselves from Ubuntu. So I said first, lets drop the versioning, no more 8.04, so now we are looking at PC/OS 2008 as the name. Too simple and can confuse us with PCLinuxOS. So I decided PC/OS OpenDesktop 2008. Well unfortunately after some research, OpenDesktop was used already by SCO, is used by a chinese company and is a distro name for a KDE based distro. So into the desktop trash it goes. GlobalDesktop, my next choice just sounded plain stupid to me. So into the desktop trash it goes. So next, OpenWorkstation was my next choice, nice, simple, sounds a little corporate but heck with it. I like it, its different and the only other person using it is a web hosting company and they arent using it to describe an OS. So the new name is as follows:

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008

The new name for the minimal install is called:

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008: Lite

The new name for Appliance

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2008: Appliance

and the new name for server.

PC/OS Open Server System 2008

Well thats the naming and yes, its legal. So why open?

I chose Open because users are ‘open’ to their system, ‘open’ to do what they want with their system.

The released ISO’s will have the changes before the next release and I hope this does help differentiate us from Ubuntu and shows that while yes, we use the Ubuntu kernel we are very much on our own.


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