Packages for PC/OS 8.04 Media Center has been released

I have been asked by PC/OS Users that own media center hardware if they can still use their PC/OS machines as a media center.  I have often referred them to Elisa in the Ubuntu repositories but today I have released the PC/OS 8.04 Media Center Extension.  This adds Elisa and all the codecs necessary to have a working Media Center out of the box.  I released it as an ISO so that all you have to do is burn the CD and install via CD-ROM.  Im looking at doing the same with MythTV.  These will never be part of the base ISO because not everyones hardware who runs PC/OS may have the horsepower so users will need the seperate ISO. To install view the readme for instructions.  You can get The PC/OS 8.04 Media Center frrom the downloads section on the website.

BTW, this is only for PC/OS 8.04 ONLY.  It will not work with PC/OS 7.10.2.  Im not planning a PC/OS 7.10.2 release.


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