Maintenance Pack 1 and PC/OS Server 8.04

I am now concentrating on Maintenance Pack 1 and PC/OS Server 8.04.  PC/OS Server 8.04 is coming along with tons of new features and one of the most important is a GUI for ufw, users have been requesting it, I found 1 that works fantabulously gufw and it will be included in PC/OS Server System.  It will be rolled into the PC/OS 8.04 Maintenance Pack for Appliance and Workstation users.

An important note, if you download or buy PC/OS 8.04 resist the urge to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.24-18.  Its fairly untested, I just recently set up the test bed and I cant say for sure how its going to act yet.  Wait for the maintenance pack.  If you update your kernel and have issues I may be unable to provide support due to the fact I dont know much about the revision yet.  However, if you feel adventurous and want to help out with testing go right ahead and send me any bug reports.  I know for certain that with the last two kernel revisions you had to uninstall the proprietary NVIDIA and ATI drivers so by all means do that before you upgrade the kernel.  the first maintenance pack will be released around mid July.


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