PC/OS Evangelism

A few of my users have sent me e-mail that they have written a review of PC/OS but the site they submitted it to, ie OSNews, Distrowatch, and Linux.com havent published it yet.

While I appreciate evangelism and you guys wanting to spread the good word about PC/OS in short there is nothing I can do.  I dont control the content of those sites.  Lisa Hoover is in charge of Linux.com, Thom is in charge of OSNews and I dont even know who is in charge of Distrowatch.  So if you have questions regarding the status of your review contact those guys but please be aware, PC/OS is not very popular with the Linux community.  They see PC/OS as a waste of time because “You can set up Ubuntu to do the same thing” well, thats the point You have to set up Ubuntu to do the same thing, with PC/OS its done already.  I dont know if that has anything to do with it.  Despite what the Linux community says or thinks, if I have one user, to me thats a reason to keep the distro alive.

I am working on a pay version of PC/OS.  This has to do with the fact that some software programs I want to include, LinDVD, RealBasic Professional, Crossover Office and Nero for Linux require a license fee and I cant distribute them like I can any other .deb package.  And I have to be able to pay for them.

But back to evangelism, I do plan to work on some Powered by banners and some other initiatives so stay tuned for that and by all means I appreciate the support.


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