My apologies and an alternative

On-Disk hasnt posted 8.04 yet, I have contacted them and they assure me its just a matter of time, they have to verify the iso works and they have their own procedures.

One user sent in a suggestion and I liked it, apparently another distribution did the same thing. If you donate 1 dollar, thats right $1.00 thats one US Dollar, I will send you a link to download 8.04 just in your PayPal donation just list which one you want the Workstation DVD or minimal CD. To take advantage of this send me an e-mail listing your paypal ID, I will send you an invoice and when the donation goes through I will send you a download link.  This is an on your honor type thing. I would greatly appreciate it if when you get your ISO file or if you order from on-disk not to post 8.04 on any torrent sites. This is not a legal threat, its not a insult. Im just asking please dont do it until the OS becomes widely available.

Thank you.


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