New Window Decoration and layout

I went back to the two shelf layout I had in the beginning. It turns out it was the more popular of the single shelf or the full screen shelf. For those of you that like it positioned a different way its extremely easy to do and I will write my June how-to on how to do it. The exception to this will be PC/OS Appliance. The sole shelf on the bottom makes more sense real estate wise on smaller screens.

Another request I had was for different colors to the default theme. So I added two more options for that. So now the Window decorations are NewBe Default, NewBe Mint, and NewBe Metal. Below are screenshots for these decorations. I also fixed the funcky icons in Echo, for example the  pause button doesnt look so funky among others.  Also a few more application additions such as xsane and the Envy NG program. Im not planning to remove the Ubuntu hardware manager as it handles much more hardware than just video drivers, for video driver install use Envy. I got the package list back up to what it was in 7.10.2.

I havent removed ALL of the Ubuntu branding but most of it has now been replaced with PC/OS branding. Such as now when you go into Console mode or when you get to the login prompt on Server you see PC/OS and not Ubuntu.


For the ladies in audience I did a special request called NewBe Pink.


2 Responses to New Window Decoration and layout

  1. Sandra says:

    YAAY, going back. I love it. The new colors look good too. Nice and delicate and not hard on the eyes. PC/OS just shows that black and white and see through are not visually appealing.

  2. Shawn says:

    The new logo is great and I like it as the menu button. Will the new stuff be in RC1

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