PC/OS 8.04 B3 released

Beta 3 based on KDE has been released.  This release has some extremely interesting features.  Its based on KDE 3.5.9, I have mixed several GTK apps with the KDE apps where it made sense and KDE went on a diet.  So much of a diet that it actually falls below the ISO size of 7.10.2 client with the same features.  Also another difference is the inclusion of the Medibuntu repositories.  None of the content from the Medibuntu repositories are loaded and you have to install manually but its there.

I have heard several voices from the community regarding KDE and XFCE.  Both are enthusiastic communities and the arguments range from Performance to desktop features.  GNOME didnt even make the cut.  Several of my testers have said NO to GNOME.  Some things to note are as follows.  Compiz fusion is not loaded with any desktop and the only reason I have released the experimental versions is due to user feedback and request and to see what ALL my users would like to see.

I have been in talks with Linspire to include the CNR application.  Before everyone starts freaking, I have not nor do I have any intention of signing a patent agreement with Microsoft.  I would if it made sense and there was a need to.  So far it doesnt make sense and I see no need to.  If I agree with Linspire to include CNR the patent agreement Linspire has with Microsoft will not come to PC/OS users, at ALL.  Its not even an issue. PC/OS will not get involved in the Microsoft/Linux coalition.

Download B3, let me know what you think and as always send your feedback.


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