Clear up some confusion here

I made in an earlier post that there are three experimental builds, one based on GNOME, one based on KDE and one based on XFCE.  I want to be clear that I will ship one or the other, not all three.  The GNOME one was an interesting build, but due to limitations in GNOME that make it impossible to run on slower hardware, such as the eeePC and the performance on machines as old as even a 933mhz that build will definitively not be the one that ships.  So right now its between XFCE and KDE 3.5.9.  They both offer outstanding performance on older equipment and run the eeePC equally well.  The only build that will ship with two Window managers is server and if I ship with KDE, an IF, it will contain only a minimalistic WM.  The workstation builds will ship with the desired WM.  So please, in the comments section vote, KDE or XFCE.


2 Responses to Clear up some confusion here

  1. star25 says:

    definitively XFCE !!!!!

  2. Definitely XFCE. Glad I checked here before downloading b3. KDE is good but I like GNOME or XFCE better. I’d rather stay with something I know and like. I especially dislike the KDE menus.

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