PC/OS Update

Another update:

PC/OS 7.10.2 has been released to the world.  This has some fantastic changes and tons of new features.  So where am I at with 8.04.  The second beta is being uploaded now.  As some may notice immediately its based on GNOME and not XFCE.  Within the project there are three developmental releases, one based on GNOME, one based on KDE and one based on XFCE.  The GNOME one was interesting as it shows that GNOME can be cut down and run on fairly low specs.  The only problem is getting it to run on the eeePC.  GNOME is really slow, slower than XFCE and KDE on the same system.  So I dont know if it will make the cut.  It really depends on feedback and what my users think of the system.  KDE and XFCE are fantastic environments and right now I juggling speed and functionality.  KDE is more functional and has a ton of integrated apps which seem on par with what you would find in a Windows world.  So if I do make a switch to KDE how will this effect all three builds.  The workstation and minimal builds will remain pretty much the same, Openoffice will not make it onto any of the minimal installs.  This is due to its every increasing size and if I can fit functionality into the mix in exchange for the size of OpenOffice, functionality wins.  Also things like ktorrent and others are being replaced for their GTK counterparts for functionality and usability.  For example, Pidgin replaces kopete and Transmission replaces ktorrent.  Im leaving Kontact intact for its enterprise functionality.  For the Server version, if I use KDE it will also contain a minimalistic WM as well for servers that dont have the ummph to handle KDE.  It will still boot command line only, to enter a GUI, startx will light up your screen.

But lets not take the spotlight off of the GNOME version, it was good enough to make it as the B2 release.  It contains the SUSE gilouche theme.  It contains the modules backport from gutsy for some hardware that has buggy drivers in 8.04.  I removed Tracker because Tracker just isnt ready and Catfish is excellent at file search.  Firefox 3 beta 5 has been replaced with Firefox 2 since its tested and functional and the openJDK has been replaced with the proprietary Sun stack.  It has more of a Windows type interactive interface for familiarity for new users.  This is everyones chance at feedback so if you want to see GNOME instead of KDE or XFCE let yourselves be heard.  This is YOUR distribution. What you want is what you get in terms of functionality and delivery.


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