Development Environment changes

Monodevelop has been upgraded to 1.0 and Mono 1.9 has been added. Monodevelop 1.0 will be accessible through the Extra apps menu since I had to use the installer to install Mono 1.9.  QT Designer has been added. The QT environment is a great platform and is well supported and doesnt appear to be encumbered by platform preference. Nokia has acquired Trolltech and that situation will be monitored closely. RealBASIC standard will be shipping with PC/OS Client only. QT will ship with Server and Client. RealBASIC standard is a great cross platform tool and source written on any platform whether it be Linux, Mac OS X or Windows can be compiled and run on the other alternate systems. Gambas will be removed basically because what I was looking for was a complete RAD tool and its not as flexible as RealBASIC.

Gambas users though fear not, those tools will still be available via the repositories.


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