7.10.2 Screenshots

I have decided to post some screenshots of PC/OS 7.10.2.

There are several internal changes as well as cosmetic changes. All security updates will be included. OpenOffice.org 2.4.0, All programs that need an update will receive them, Cheese is included which is a fun little toy and a new default theme. The new theme has more fluid type progress bars and has subtle hints of greens and blues unlike the entire yellow theme of old I had gotten some feedback from some that felt it was distracting so the new default theme offers a more modern touch and has less distractions. The bottom panel has been removed and the top panel extends across the entire desktop. A new device called Drawers has appeared in the desktop. As you see in one of the screenshots the menu extends down to show commonly used tools in a category. Similar to the way CDE used to behave. Right now Im just including file management and network utilities but by the time the release comes out I will have a tutorial on how to add categories and apps to the categoreies. Enjoy the screenshots and let me know what you think.

UPDATE:  Ok, Ok, I heard the complaints the top panel now appears to be cluttered.  OK, so I readded the bottom panel but I still extended the top bar across the top.

RealBASIC Standard WILL be included with the distro in the July release.  I just got the greenlight today.


One Response to 7.10.2 Screenshots

  1. Shawn says:

    I like the new concepts that you are putting forth the Drawer and category idea seem like what Apple did with Mac OS X. I realize you can do that now with XFCE. Overall, I like the ideas and I like the new default theme it does look a lot more modern and not just a rehashed BeOS theme.

    good job.

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