PC/OS 7.10.2 and 8.04 update

April 29, 2008

7.10.2 is done and 8.04 is being worked on. Here is a category of changes that have gone into 7.10.2 and 8.04.



QT Designer and RealBASIC standard added.  These are the two development environments and they wont change.  8.04 will also feature these two great development environments.

LikeWise Open added.  As with Ubuntu 8.04, LikeWise has been added to 7.10.2.  This helps with Active Directory integration and along with server allows  for a drop-in into a Windows environment.  Its been thoroughly tested and  works well above average.

Bluetooth support added to Workstation.  This allows users to transfer files from bluetooth devices and connect to their bluetooth devices.  Bluetooth Alsa has been added so that you may use your Bluetooth headsets with PC/OS

I decided to go with my initial design for the cosmetic changes.  The bottom shelf is gone and the top bar has everything.  The places applet allows you to open specific locations, search for files etc etc.  The RH Nodoka theme has been added.  The Window decoration is still the Be theme but the style is Nodoka, the Nodoka XFWM theme has been added for users that want something other than the be theme can use it.  The NewBe theme has stabalized and when you change the interface controls the window decoration text no longer changes color and stays black.

7.10.2 Server is pretty much the same as before.  You have the LikeWise open packages installed.  Also Server no longer starts in GUI mode but rather console mode.  This helps with headless installs as well as server users who dont want to see the GUI.

7.10.2 will be released this weekend coming up.



The new Public Beta should be released in a week or two.  Here are some changes

KDE desktop being prototyped, 8.04 will have a KDE edition as well as an XFCE, Maybe.  Its being tested and will be released as a public beta to garner feedback and to see if it will be accepted.  For right now I recommend Klikit Linux for KDE desktop users but that can change.  Here are some changes for 8.04

Ndiswrapper.  Im using the gutsy packages because the 1.5 packages with 8.04 are broken.  If by August they fix the issue it may change but until they fix the issue these are locked in Synaptic.

Likewise Open Added once again for connecting to Active Directory.

No cosmetic changes planned for the 8.04 release.

So there we have it, the current state of the project.


7.10.2 Ship date

April 18, 2008

I decided to move up the ship date.  Instead of July 7.10.2 will ship in the first week of May.  Why did I decide to do this?  Basically because its done.  There is nothing left to do and keeping it until July just seemed redundant plus it gives me time to work on 8.04.

Development Environment changes

April 17, 2008

Monodevelop has been upgraded to 1.0 and Mono 1.9 has been added. Monodevelop 1.0 will be accessible through the Extra apps menu since I had to use the installer to install Mono 1.9.  QT Designer has been added. The QT environment is a great platform and is well supported and doesnt appear to be encumbered by platform preference. Nokia has acquired Trolltech and that situation will be monitored closely. RealBASIC standard will be shipping with PC/OS Client only. QT will ship with Server and Client. RealBASIC standard is a great cross platform tool and source written on any platform whether it be Linux, Mac OS X or Windows can be compiled and run on the other alternate systems. Gambas will be removed basically because what I was looking for was a complete RAD tool and its not as flexible as RealBASIC.

Gambas users though fear not, those tools will still be available via the repositories.

7.10.2 Screenshots

April 15, 2008

I have decided to post some screenshots of PC/OS 7.10.2.

There are several internal changes as well as cosmetic changes. All security updates will be included. OpenOffice.org 2.4.0, All programs that need an update will receive them, Cheese is included which is a fun little toy and a new default theme. The new theme has more fluid type progress bars and has subtle hints of greens and blues unlike the entire yellow theme of old I had gotten some feedback from some that felt it was distracting so the new default theme offers a more modern touch and has less distractions. The bottom panel has been removed and the top panel extends across the entire desktop. A new device called Drawers has appeared in the desktop. As you see in one of the screenshots the menu extends down to show commonly used tools in a category. Similar to the way CDE used to behave. Right now Im just including file management and network utilities but by the time the release comes out I will have a tutorial on how to add categories and apps to the categoreies. Enjoy the screenshots and let me know what you think.

UPDATE:  Ok, Ok, I heard the complaints the top panel now appears to be cluttered.  OK, so I readded the bottom panel but I still extended the top bar across the top.

RealBASIC Standard WILL be included with the distro in the July release.  I just got the greenlight today.

Changes in Server System 7.10.2

April 11, 2008

We have talked about some of the changes in Client 7.10.2 so lets cover Server System 7.10.2 and lets discuss some of the changes in there.

Graphical scheduler: Schedule is now included which makes automating tasks easier so users dont have to use the command line to set up CRON.

Gadmin Tools added:  the gadmin tools for Samba, proftpd, and dhcpd have been added.  This makes it easier for admins to configure those services without having to deal with command line configuration files.

ClamAV removed:  I backpedaled on this one because it was requested but now it seems to not be critical as originally thought.  So its being removed but a script will be placed in the home directory so that admins may install it if its needed.

MySQL removed:  I wanted to include a database but due to user feedback and to satisfy those that use postgre, Oracle, Firebird or DB2 etc, etc.  i decided to remove it, once again a script will be placed in the home directory to install it.  The push seems to be for PostgreSQL so if I include a database in the future PostgreSQL will probably be it.

there is more stuff in the works and I will communicate it later.

PC/OS Workstation relisted

April 6, 2008

The OptiPlex has been relisted and received a lower price.  the 1 bidder I did have withdrew from the sale and so its being relisted on eBay with a $50.00 starting bid and a $80.00 buy it now.  this machine is completely refurbished and substantially cheaper than what other competing distributions sell their machines for.

Workstation for Sale

PC/OS 8.04 Technical Preview

April 2, 2008

PC/OS 8.04 Technical Preview has hit the download sites.  Based on Hardy development beta 1.  This techncial preview is really rough around the edges.  Some issues that may arise are:

Wont install, LiveCD works fine though

Some media types will not work

Erratic system freezes.

Some improvements are:

Better hardware support

ndiswrapper works with more cards

Better wifi support

bulletproof X

This is not for production machines.  testing environments only.  Server Technical preview 1 will be out at the end of May early June.  Please send in feedback on Workstation so that I may get this release ironed out.