Complaints about the Minimal CD

There have been some complaints about the minimal install CD.  Basically it boils down to the fact that the Minimal install doesnt have the range of applications that the DVD has.  The minimal install CD was created for users whose systems meet the requirements to run the distribution but dont have a DVD drive.  You can get the applications and then some through Synaptic.  I am working on a script that upon installation you can execute this script and it will install everything for you.  Thats the best I can do, for the minimal install CD to serve its purpose it has to remain as small as possible.

There are also some complaints due to the lack of an x64 Flavor of PC/OS.  Unfortunately, I dont have that hardware nor do I have the funds to purchase that hardware.  So, when I get the funds or someone donates that hardware I will be glad to produce an x64 flavor.  On a side note, I have several users who do run the 32bit version on x64 hardware and some on xServes who tell me it does function the same.  So, if you want the x64 version either wait till I can afford it or donate the hardware.


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