8.04 plans

8.04 will be released in August. With this some questions have arisen over the use of interface and whether server will be updated as well.

1. The interface will not change. Themes, colors and panel and menu placements will be the same as with 7.10. I keep constantly getting feedback on how people like the interface so this wont be changing at all.

2. I will look at forward porting some apps from 7.10 to 8.04, these will mostly be apps not included in the Ubuntu repositories. Im seriously looking at including Opera mostly for PC/OS mini which will be a 100mb possibly 200 or 300 mb install CD. Those plans are not set in stone yet though.

3. Server 8.04 will be released about the same time as client if not just a couple of weeks after. Im not expecting major upgrades to server as Server 7.10 is standing on its own and is well liked. Snort may be removed as Im getting the feedback nagios is more popular and most uninstall Snort to use Nagios.  Gambas will be completely removed from server due to feedback.  if you want Gambas kept do let me know, otherwise it will be removed.


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