7.10.1 Workstation released

7.10.1 on the workstation side went live tonight.  Now some things have changed.  1st is the Echo icon theme is now the default and not Mist.  Why?  Echo actually looks good and since Fedora doesn’t want them I decided to go ahead and use em so those authors can get some recognition.  TrueCrypt will be released separately.  I did this because of testing purposes.  I didn’t have enough time to test as thoroughly as I wanted.  i will release it on Saturday – Sunday with the PC/OS Expansion Pack which will have some Firefox themes, the lightning extension for Thunderbird, Automatix2 etc.  It will just be a tar.gz file so just uncompress and install via right clicking and choosing install for the packages and using Firefox and Thunderbird for the rest.  The Gutsy backports repository has been disabled.  this led to some stability and usability issues with some of the apps which have been reverted back to the originals in the official Ubuntu repositories.  if you want to re enable backports through software sources go right ahead.  There is a new menu item called Mobile.  This contains Firefox launchers to Gmail, Firefox, Live maps and Google Maps as well as Wikipedia and Box.net.  These were requested by users and I thought they were a good idea for laptop users who may not want to configure Thunderbird on their laptops for mail access and who need to access map services as well as online storage.  I wont be including Google Docs or any of the other online services unless I have requests for them which hasn’t happened yet.  ROXTerm replaced xfce terminal and other security fixes have been installed.  So get it from the download site and on-disk.com should be updated within 24 hours. 7.10.2 is scheduled for release in July with 8.04 being still scheduled for an August release.


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