PC/OS 7.10u1

Now that PC/OS 7.10 has gone out there through on-disk.com and waiting on ibiblio for hosting work has continued.  There are new changes coming in 7.10u1.  Here is the list:

New theme: Clearlooks BeOS, Green and Graphite.  ClearLooks-BeOS is the default but can be changed.  b6new is now included and the Xquisite icon theme is now the default icon theme.

New Network Manager:  Network Manager is gone.  I went with wicd, its much more reliable and works more of the time.  It has shipped with PC/OS Server System and Im bringing it to the client.

Preload:  Enabled by default, works very well and I have noticed a huge startup difference in most applications.

System admins have been asking for it in client and its now there, the GNOME network tools are now included by default.  Tsclient has also been included.

Im looking at a mid April release date for this update.  Current users only need to send me an e-mail and address, if you are in the buyers database you can get it free.


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