Zebuntu and choice of base system

Someone recently put out there that my theme and system layout looks like Zebuntu, which is a derivative of Xubuntu with a Zeta theme.  First, the only things Zebuntu and PC/OS have in common are the theme and the base system.  Zebuntu has some talented developers and their direction is totally different.  Their purpose in life is to be Zeta.  Mine is to make a desktop that is usable to the masses my theme choice is simply a nod to BeOS and as a good friend of mine told me today, mine is a simple system so I have achieved my goal partway.  Still a lot of work to do and a long road.  i wish the Zebuntu team all the best and if they ever want to collaborate its a possibility that I would consider.

Second my choice of base system.  A PClinuxOS fan asked me today why I chose Xubuntu instead of SAM or PCLinuxOS.  First, I want to say thanks to Texstar, he created and maintains one of the best distros on the planet.  PCLinuxOS is the proverbial bomb.  I chose Xubuntu because I needed something I could offer small to large businesses.  I talked to Tex about this and he wanted PCLinuxOS to be for the desktop home user and his resources are such he couldnt abide the time or resources to support a enterprise viable system.  It had nothing to do with one was better or worse.  if I was going with better or worse I would probably have choosen PCLinuxOS.  My dad is still a loyal PCLinuxOS user.  Will I put him on PC/OS? probably much later.   Tex was my inspiration, he was one man who had an idea and went forward.  i can only aspire that PC/OS will achieve the success of PCLinuxOS.

Once again, I wish Tex and the SAM team all the luck and if there is anything I can ever do to assist you guys Texstar knows how to get ahold of me.


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