Showstopper UPDATED: Not quite

As per a user request I made active an SELinux kernel for PC/OS and when I tried to remaster it, things got ugly.  The LiveCD would boot and install fine but when it came to the HD install, everything worked fine tried to boot into the installed system and KABLAM, FUBAR.  Permissions on home folders were screwed, usernames and passwords were screwed.  I did manage to get everything fixed and working but I think Im going to stick with my initial plan and offer it but not active, up to the user whether to make it active or not.  Also, no way in hell will I put SELinux on the client version, the repositories are there and it will be an option for the end user but after some discussions with some of the SELinux developers I really see no need for it on a desktop system, apparmor will be available, will be active but SELinux will only be on the server.

Other screw ups, I mucked arround with the xsessions scripts to get myartwork to show up and it made the installed system unusable, good thing is verything is fixable and I’m just chalking it up to a learning experience.  The BeOS theme has been very popular and Im actually considering making it the default on the system.  I have contacted ACCESS and was told that Window decorations they dont care about, I can even make a derivative of the logo but I cannot use the words BeOS, I cannot use the colors Blue or red as part of my logo and I cannot communicate any license WHATSOEVER as being licensed by ACCESS and of course I cannot have access (no pun intended) to the BeOS source code.

I still have reservations, I want the perception to be focused positively and not as a Be clone.

From the CD version I had to remove Gambas and Monodevelop.  I have also decided that users when they purchase a system or the DVD set they will also get a CD with all the wares in the Ubuntu repositories and they will be snapshots at the time of ship.  Not out of date.  Also all security updates will be applied before shipping and unlike the Ubuntu distributions, all ISO images will be updated with all security related patches periodically. The question has been what will ship with systems, the DVD version will be the shipping media.  Yes users will get media, and not just a parttion to restore from.

So off I go, to the third star on the right and straight on till morning.


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