Remastersys included

Another question asked is if remastersys will ship with the system.  For on, its a great backup utility and can create a snapshot of your current install.  Another reason for the inclusion is so users can even make a derivative of the system.  So you wanna make a MythPC/OS, you can,  Want to make a catered version of PC/OS to your needs?  You can.  Wanna set up a server system catered to your organization so that you can install it on multiple servers?  You can.

Officially I intend to only make a desktop, a client and a JeOS.  Possibly even  one with the Xen hypervisor for you virtualization nuts out there.   But right now I’m focused on two, client and server.  I started off this thing trying to run but after a few missteps and some mistakes I slowed it down a lot.


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