First Images

Well, I have finished all the rebranding and have decided to post some screenshots.  SoIm ready for the world to see the start of my work.


This is what the default desktop will look like.  I hear it now, where is the CDE.  Well people talked and I listned, no CDE themed for the desktop edition.  I ent with the Symphony theme with the UbuntuStudio iconset.

Here are some apps running on PC/OS, Zenmap, XFBurn, Orage and OpenOffice writer.


Here are the default developers tool in PC/OS, Gambas II and Monodevelop.


There are many apps included and also this is being run from a LiveDVD.

Whats that?  You say LiveDVD?  What happened to LiveCD.  The developers tools take the distribution over the size for a liveCD, so I will release two ISO files in terms of the desktop.  A DVD Image which includes everything and a CD which includes just an office suite and other consumer centric tools and also for people who dont have access to a DVD drive.

Drop me a line for any tips, hints and anything else.


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